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Onwioduokit F. A. (1993)

The use of models in physics teaching.
In Eshiet, I. T. (Ed) Methodology of Science Teaching: Historical and Conceptual Approach. Abak Belpot Nig. Co. (Publishing division), chapter 7, pp 115 127.

Onwioduokit F. A. (1993)

Assessment of theory and practical work in physics.
In Eshiet, I. T. (ed) Methodology of Science Teaching: Historical and Conceptual Approach. Abak Belpot Nig. Co. (Publishing division), Chapter 8, pp 193 – 202.

Onwioduokit F. A. (1994)

A critical Appraisal of the concept of equal educational opportunity.
Monograph series, Volume 5 of the Association for promoting Quality education in Nigeria, chapter 4, pp 27 – 37.

Onwioduokit F. A. (1996)

Gender differences among undergraduate students’ enrolment and academic performance in science.
In Okpara, E. N. (ed) Gender issues in education and Development. Nsukka University Trust Publishers, pp 196 – 203.

Onwioduokit F. A. (2003)

Teaching Primary Science in the primary way.
In Ekpo, C. M. (ed) Strategies for effective Teaching and Learning of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, Uyo: Ivy press Ltd. 116 – 124.

Onwioduokit F. A. (2003)

National standards for Science Education Research.
In Baiyelo, T. D. , and Busari, T. (ed). Standards for Science, Technology and Mathematics research. Lagos: NASER Academy Press 82 – 89.

Oranu, P. C. & Onwioduokit, F. A. (2012)

Relative effectiveness classroom interaction techniques on students’ participation in Rivers State.
Journal of Educational and Social Research, Vol. 2 (10), November 2012. ISSN 2239-978x. Doi10.5901/

Onwioduokit, F. A. (2013)

The ordeal of Science teaching in the contemporary society: A need for paradigm shift for the new generation.
Uyo: University of Uyo Press Ltd.

Onwioduokit, F. A. (2013)

Making Physics Real for Effective Comprehension.
Being a Keynote address presented at National Workshop organized by the Department of Physics, Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afaha Nsit

Onwioduokit, F. A. (2013)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Resources and National Development.
A Keynote Address Presented at the 4th National Conference of the School of Science, College of Education, Afaha Nsit, Akwa Ibom State.


Onwioduokit, F. A. (2013)

Technological Development through effective Science Teaching. Being a Keynote address presented at the Science Teachers Development Workshop organized by NNPC/TEPNG Joint venture, Port Harcourt, at CCC, Uyo.


Onwioduokit, F. A. (2013)

The ordeal of Science Teaching in the contemporary Society: A need for paradigm shift for the new generation.
Uyo-Nigeria, Abaam Publishing Co.

Onwioduokit, F. A. (2014).

Recent innovations in Science from the primary to the tertiary level of Education.
A paper presented at the 4th Annual Conference of the Institute of Education, University of Uyo, from June 11 to 13, 2014.

Uduak J.U and Onwiodukit, F.A.(2019)

Guided-Discovery, Demonstration Methods and Physics Students’ Acquisitions of Entrepreneurial Skills in Household Electrical Circuit Sketch and Wiring in Akwa Ibom State.
Journal of CUDIMAC (J-CUDIMAC) ISSN 0794-4764 (Print) ISSN 2651-6063 (Online) Vol 6, No.1 2019.


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