Fidelis Ating Onwioduokit

Professor of Science Education

Department of Science Education,
University of Uyo,
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


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Professor Fidelis Onwioduokit began his teaching career as a Teaching Assistant in 1984 after completing his B.Sc. Ed.(Physics) at University of Benin where he obtained a Second Class Upper Division.

He is an experienced Administrator and Scholar. At present he teaches both Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. He is an intelligent examiner who has served in Universty of Portharcourt, University of Calabar and others.

He holds membership in several Professional bodies, including Science Teacher Association of Nigeria (STAN), Nigeria Academy of Education etc. He has published and is still publishing articles in reputable national and international Journals. He is the author of Educational Research Methodology and Statistics, a book that is making waves in his field.

He has attended several conferences within and outside the country and is a highly sought conference speaker. Prof. Onwioduokit has held sensitive responsibilities in University of Uyo and outside University of Uyo. He was once the Director, General Studies Directorate, National Secretary, Physics panel of the Science Teachers’ Association of Nigeria and more.

Professor Fidelis Onwioduokit is currently teaching and supervising undergraduate and post graduate students as well as actively involved in research activities within and outside the University. He has been the first Professor of Physics Education in the South-South geo-political zone of Nigeria as well as in the University of Uyo. His current professional preoccupation is on effective teaching of science using multimedia approach. He has discovered that many science teachers do not have the firm grip of teaching strategies especially when relevant materials are not there to aid teaching.

He is a Servant of God serving with the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is married and blessed with children.

In this knowledgebase, you'll know more about this great school and have open access to majority of his works.

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Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member of Science Teacher Association of Nigeria (STAN)
  • Member of the Association for Promoting Quality Education in Nigeria (APQEN)
  • Member of the Association of Research in Education and the Humanities (AREH)
  • Member of Nigerian Association for Science Education Research (NASER)
  • Member, Nigeria Academy of Education
  • Member, National Science Teachers’ Association of America (NSTA)

36th Inaugural Lecture of University of Uyo

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Academic and Professional Background


Ph. D.

Physics Education

University of Ibadan, Ibadan


M. Ed.


University of Ibadan, Ibadan


B.Sc. Ed.

Physics – Second Class Upper Division

University of Benin, Benin


Teacher Grade II Certificate

Web Designer

College of Education, Uyo


W. A. S. C.

Division 2

Distinction and Award with Dates

Author image

Academic Excellence Award

by Akwa Ibom Youth Federation May 17, 2010
Author image

Academic Noble International Award

May 10, 2008
Author image


Institute of Industrial Administration May 10, 2008
Author image

Excellence Award

by Akwa Ibom State Youth Movement December 14, 2006
Author image

Outstanding Performance in Academics Award

by Oron Union (Women Wing) December 18, 2005
Author image

Elected into full membership of Science Teacher Association of Nigeria (M. Stan) on August 23, 1991 after many years of continued membership of the Association and meritorious services.


Work Experiences

Before joining the University

Work Experiences

After joining the University

Courses Taught

Below are Courses Taught by Prof. Fidelis Onwioduokit in Undergradua, Postgraduate schools and Sanwich Schools


Physics method (300 level)
1983 – 1985; 1990 – 1995
Introductory Physics (100)
1983 – 1985; 1990 – 1993
Thermodynamics (200 level)
1989 – 1991
General Methods for Science (300 level)
1990 to date
The Earth and the Universe (300 level)
African Cosmology and Integrated Sciences
1994 to date
Energy and Matter I (200 level)
1994 to date
Energy and Matter II (300 level)
1994 to date


Research Methodology and statistics
1991 to date
Difficult Topics in Physics Curriculum
1994 to date
Measurement and Evaluation
1991 to date
Advance Research Statistics (Ph. D level)
1998 to date


Elementary Mechanics and Kinematics
1992 to date
Energy forms and functions
1992 to date

External Examinations

Rivers State University of Education

Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afaha Nsit

External Examiner (Degree Programme), Ondo State College of Education, Ila Oragun

WAEC Examiner in Practical Physics

Research Experiences

Author image

Development of problem solving model for Practical Physics

Author image

Evaluation of Theory and Practical work in School Physics

Author image

Using reasoning ability and cognitive style as critical variables in the development of cognitive skills in school physics students

Author image

Educational Research Methodology and Statistics

Author image

The relevance of University Physics Programme to economic development

Author image

Investigation of tensile strength of ropes made from local materials

Author image

Determine of the efficiency of science teachers in secondary school

Author image

An on-the-spot assessment of process skills in Integrated Science

Author image

Using camphor to teach the concept of radioactivity

Author image

Girls in science Education

Author image

Influence of African cosmology on the teaching and learning of science

Author image

Evaluating Physics education for the next millennium

Author image

Entrepreneurial Science Education : The need for curriculum innovation at the tertiary level

Author image

Science Education in the Nigerian Homes

Author image

Teaching Science in the scientific way

Author image

Effects of heat on electrical conductivity of plastics



Professor Fidelis Onwioduokit has handled several sensitive responsiblities within and outside University of Uyo. Below are some of them:

Within University of Uyo


University In-house Accreditation Team


Investigation Panel on Student’s falsification of CGPA.

Outside University of Uyo

Head of Department

Department of Science Education, Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden, while on sabbatical leave


Teaching and supervising of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the University of Port Harcourt while on sabbatical Leave

Teaching and supervising of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the University of Calabar

Intellectual Achievement

Professor Onwioduokit has added value to the world through high quality publications in Journal Articles, Book Chapters and Books. Majority of them are available and accessible..


Courses Taught




Conferences Attendance


Successful Responsibilities


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